Meet Pastor Benjamin Thompson

Promoting a positive community...inspire...educate...growing people.
Pastor Benjamin Thompson is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. He was introduced to Christ by his parents as a child being taught the scriptures both in his home and as a member of his church. Though he was blessed with a basic foundation of the bible and knowledge of Jesus Christ, he did not question his salvation until after the loss of his mother at the age of 12. He concluded that his salvation had to be personal and not based off of the works of his parents.

It was not until the age of 23 that Pastor Thompson experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit while a student at Indiana University, Bloomington. It was at this time that he began a personal walk with Christ diving into scriptures, prayer, and fasting with personal testimonies of God's provision and direction.

Now focused and committed to the things of Christ and his church, he moved back to Indianapolis where he served in leadership. He was appointed a deacon and worship leader in the church. He taught Sunday school and ministered the gospel. He served on the church board with a continued love for Jesus Christ and his church. In his process, Pastor Thompson grew a heart for the youth and their development facilitating youth sports camps and mentoring and coaching programs. He was elevated as an associate pastor of his church.

In 2006, Pastor Thompson began a deeper search for God's direction for his life. It was then he received his calling to lead God's people as a pastor through a vision. It was at this moment his purpose was revealed; even the name of the church. The vision waited 10 years on the 10th month of 2016. In October 2016, Pastor Thompson was approached by a church to take over it's leadership. He knew that is was God's timing and he accepted the position.

Pastor Benjamin Thompson received theological and ministerial training through the Indiana School of Ministry Assembly of God. He was certified by the Assemblies of God organization and officially ordained as pastor of Progressive Life Ministries on October 22, 2017.

With a firm commitment to his lovely wife Sally, and a life-long preparation for ministry, he is poised to advance forward growing neighborhoods, communities, and people in and for Christ.